Cindy Gallop on Pornification


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The delightful Cindy Gallop addresses the real issue that pornography is one of the primary forms of sex education for young men…and all the implications of THAT.

…because the porn industry is driven by men, funded by men, managed by men, directed by men, and targeted at men. Porn tends to present one world view. Porn says, “This is the way it is.” And what I want to say is, “Not┬áNecessarily.”

Sorry I can’t just post the video, TED dot com doesn’t want me to. Well worth your 4:17 though.




How a Woman’s Orgasm Can Save a Man

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Welcome to Self Identified, a blog for people interested in all things sex, gender and and whatever else you’re into. And now, some orgasms.

But the real payoff of OM for a man goes beyond his delight in watching a woman orgasm beneath his fingertip. What OM offers, Daedone claims, is an opportunity for guys to break the familiar, depressing cycle of oscillating “between bravado and helplessness.” OM gives men a sense of mastery, not just of women’s bodies, but of themselves. If it’s true that there’s nothing straight men want to know more than to how to please a woman, then it follows that if they figure out how to do that well and consistently, they’ll receive a boost of confidence that will bleed over into every other aspect of their lives.

I hope we can all agree that the world would be a better place if more men knew how to give good orgasms.

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